Rules For Attendence

  A Student must attend at least 75% of the lectures in each subject of study, failing which, he shall not be permitted to appear at the University Examination.
  Attendance shall be reckoned from the date of teaching commenced. No relief shall be given to student who gets admission after commencement of teaching. Also no relief shall be allowed for absence either with or without leave.
  A student who has already made up 75% attendance shall not remain absent from the college without leave. Leave for absence in such cases shall not be granted without sufficient and proper reasons.
  Students must not absent themselves from college without leave. Applications for leave should be made to the Principal, Such application must be countersigned by the guardian or by the Warden, if the applicant resides in the College hostel.
  When leave of absence is required on medical grounds the application should be accompanied by the certificate from registered medial practitioner.
  Names of students who are continuously absent for more than one month shall be struck off from the College rolls even if tuition fee has been paid.
  If student is continuously absent, for ten days parents will be informed immediately.
Rules Pertaining To College Examinations

  Unless otherwise notified there shall be two full examinations in a session. Periodical tests shall be arranged by the Teaching Departments. The first terminal Examination shall be held before the commencement of Dushera Vacation and the Second Terminal examination after the Winter Vacation.
  Absence form Terminal Examinations or from the Department Test shall be punished with a fine of Rs. per paper or per test as the case any be.