Our Mission

  • To aspire and strive for excellence in higher education, for imparting knowledge to students coming from diverse conditions and developing them for a social-change.
  • To promote cause of education among the masses.
  • To make quality higher education available to all the people irrespective of religion, caste, class, creed or sex.
  • To make available the facility of higher education to women and all socio-economically disadvantaged sections of the society.
  • To develop learned and skilled manpower in the society.
  • To shape the students into agents of social change by incorporating the values of good citizenry, scientific temperament and rational thinking.

Why Genesis ?

Because it is a Centre for learning, with a difference:-

  • The students of the institute will be able to make a right career choice at the end of the academic program.
  • The college provides powerful student councils and lots of co-curricular activities, as academics alone cannot promote personality development.
  • Where everyone is expected to keep an open mind, try new and crazy ideas, make mistakes and try again.
  • Students are groomed for bright career through various scientific means where in at genesis strict discipline is a part of the process.
  • They endeavor is to produce a set of well groomed outstanding students efficient in their work and ready to become professionals who will challenge, create and change.
  • Where tremendous value is placed on the dignity of labour, of sharing and those are willing to work with their hands.